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Tandem Mobile Platform


Understand moments in people's lives with more clarity, depth and speed than ever before with our mobile research platform.

Introducing Tandem

Tandem's our mobile market research platform that utilises smartphones, the most personal technology people own. Great for longitudinal studies, Tandem lets you connect with your target audiences anytime, anywhere to discover their thoughts, feelings, behaviours and motivations. Tandem's superb research tools let you explore the questions you need answers to, with great creativity. With participant engagement rates of +95%, wouldn't you like to get at that valuable in-the-moment insight?

Using Tandem

  • Mobile Ethnography
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Online Pre-Tasking
  • Mobile Etho
    Mobile Ethnography

    In our busy lives, smartphones have become invaluable and are rarely beyond arms reach. Mobile ethnography places you into the lives of your target audiences like never before. As a mobile research platform, Tandem offers 24/7 insight opportunities to qualitative researchers and anyone else whose role involves understanding consumers.

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  • Jm
    Customer Journey Mapping

    People experience brands, products and services every day across many different locations, on multiple devices, online and offline, in-the-moment and over time. We know that people make choices based on the quality of their experiences. We understand that their relationship with the brand, product or service is sometimes constructed from hundreds of composite experiences and moments, all of which need to be captured, understood, interpreted and improved upon in future.

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  • Pre Tasking
    Online Pre-Tasking

    If you’re planning a focus group or online community as part of a study, you’ll probably want to run a pre-task ‘homework’ exercise beforehand. This allows you to get a window into the world of your participants. Pre-tasks are also a great way to get participants 'warmed-up' and thinking about the topic, so that they arrive prepared for group discussion. Examples of pre-task activities on a mobile research platform include food or media consumption diaries. Using an online pre-tasking saves you time on paperwork and increases participant engagement.

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Platform Usage

Features & Activities

Activity Builder
Participant engagement

Great design and UX that your participants will love. Tandem's flexibility allows you to iterate activities and vary participant interaction to keep their attention. It's like a researcher's dream box of tricks. Participants love the social media type format of our mobile research platform. You can expect 95%+ engagement once the study is underway.

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Flexible activity builder

You need the ability to ask questions in different ways. Whether you want to be implicit or explicit, Tandem's flexible activity builder will help you capture the information you need, creating modular activities with a mix of qual and quant tasks.

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Multimedia insights

Pictures and videos can offer a shortcut to deep insight and are as important to your research as written responses. Your participants can upload images, video, text and more to the mobile research platform. You can design activities that encourage them to share their visual world with you.

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Powerful tagging and coding

Being able to uncover key themes in your data without leaving the platform saves you time and effort. Tandem lets you start tagging and coding your data as soon as it arrives, using text-tags, annotation and emojis. Export data into excel for further analysis.

Take a look at the dashboard...
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Analyse everything in-platform

Click on the graph button and you'll see aggregated responses to questions across the entire study cohort. Very handy when you need a quick lens on what everyone's thinking, and even better for your presentation slides!

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Capture participant 'moments'

Tandem has 'moments' functionality where participants can share additional or ad hoc thoughts. Great for capturing bonus insights and unstructured commentary.

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  • " Easy. Friendly. "
    Participant from Nile HQ project
  • " It feels like you’ve taken all the feedback we have given you over the years on Together and have used it to make Tandem. "
    Senior Strategic Consultant at The Behavioural Architects
  • " Having just used the Tandem platform for a week long online diary study, we have been very impressed. The set-up on the administration side is extremely intuitive and the platform has been carefully built to provide all the required areas for the researcher – from an activity building area, to the input of participants, a dashboard on participant response rate and more "
    Amy Heaslip Creative Medical Research

Organisations using Tandem

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