Consumer Understanding

Shopper Insights

Understand what motivates a purchase at the moment it takes place

Identify the moments that most influence consumers’ purchase decisions to uncover untapped brand opportunities.

Clients rely on us to get inside the mind of their customers to uncover the beliefs, attitudes, and motivations that drive purchasing. Using qualitative and quantitative research, we generate insights that reveal what drives customers to make the choices they do.

Shopper insights help you to uncover the most promising sources of growth, so you can innovate more quickly and confidently, increase adoption and focus on your most successful segments.

What we do

Remotely experience every touchpoint, influence, barrier preference and decision of your shoppers journey

Observe shoppers as they do the things normally to discover what really motivates and influences their behaviours

Understand each step of the path to purchase, what happens before shoppers enter your store or website through to in-the-moment purchase decisions

Focus on getting answers to the questions that will create the greatest value from the people that matter most

Consumer Understanding Research

Segmentation research

Target products, services, experiences and campaigns at specific groups of consumers, knowing what motivates each group individually.

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Customer experience

Capture your customers’ experience of your brand, product or service and know how to improve it and increase customer satisfaction.

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Customer journey mapping

Understand the journey from initial research to purchase and aftersales support so you can design the positive experiences that grow loyalty, market share and commercial value.

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