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Unlock the deeper cultural narrative impacting your brand.

Brands don't exist in isolation - we all exist as part of society and we can only understand each other as such. Using semiotics we can interpret cultural signs and symbols, and understand how people construct, communicate and interpret information about our world.

Using experts and AI, we do semiotic analysis at scale, fast.

Our clients look to us to help decode these societal influences and incorporate them into their brand messaging.

By looking more deeply into the unconscious cultural patterns shaping consumer behaviour, brands can generate more successful products, services and campaigns – because they are rooted in lived experiences.

Understanding how consumers’ emotions are influenced by the words and images they see around them helps you understand where your brand sits in the market and the cultural patterns that affect its future.

We combine semiotics and qualitative methods to generate insight and context for a range of activities from brand strategy and planning to creative development. We help you to get the most out of your semiotic storytelling and to connect with your audience on a different level.

What we do

Unlock category and culture codes to help you successfully innovate or extend your brand into new segments

Reveal consumer’s cultural language to help you communicate more clearly

Decode competitor strategies by uncovering the underlying messages that consumers may be receiving at the subconscious level.

Identify trends in popular culture and understand their influence on your audiences

Identify the residual, dominant and emergent codes that exist within your brand

Brand and Communications Research

Brand positioning and differentiation

Understand the unmet needs and emotional connection needed to fuel great content and marketing strategies.

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Ad and creative testing

Improve the quality and impact of ads by testing which ideas, concepts, and designs will perform best in-market.

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