Segmentation Research

Know who your customers are, and who aren’t

Don’t waste your time chasing people who will never buy your products or services. Segmentation research helps you to focus your investment on the customers you care about the most, and who care about you

We will work with you to identify and understand the segments that unlock growth potential (and those that don’t) so you can target your proposition and communication.

Innovation relies on understanding the values and needs that drive people to seek out a brand.

Our human insights reveal how people perceive themselves, what’s important to them and why they behave the way they do, so you can develop more authentic personas and create more relevant communication and targeted messaging.

What we do

Provide deep human insights from textual and visual data to bring your customers to life.

Reveal your target groups’ preferred language and behavioural signals so you can personalise your marketing.

Identify niche, underserved audiences so that you can create new products and services to meet their needs.

Segment your audience based on their psychology to pinpoint trends in opinions, shared values, intentions and feelings

Consumer Understanding

Shopper insights

Uncover how consumers really shop in your product category to improve your communication, merchandising, product, pricing and channel strategies

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Customer experience

Capture people’s experience of your brand, product or service and so you know how to improve them and what’s missing

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Customer journey mapping

Understand your customers’ journey – from initial research to purchase and aftersales support – and design better experiences that deliver growth

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What next?

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