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Welcome to the age of the Mindful Consumer. People are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their behaviour on the world around them.

As this awareness grows, so does the demand for brands to consider the impact of their businesses on humans, animals, and the environment. 

Savvy consumers are using their purchasing power to compel businesses to take an active role in protecting our planet and creating a better society.

For marketers, innovation specialists, strategists and brands, this means grounding a purposeful and sustainable approach to business in an understanding of what consumers want and need.

To build a foundation of trust with customers, you need to be in tune with their aspirations, their lifestyles and their passions.  Brand trust comes from integrity. Brands that choose the right message and communicate honestly, authentically and consistently will be repaid with loyalty.

Successful brands seek to understand The Mindful Consumer and build their strategies around their needs and wants.

Discover our five-pillar approach to helping brands get future-ready below.

Consumer Understanding

Whether you’re building the customer experience, creating a value proposition or creating advertising. Building customer empathy and understanding across your entire business is key to achieving core business goals.

Brand and Communications

We are people more than we are consumers, and that’s how we approach brand and communication research to ensure emotional resonance and strength of meaning.

Innovation and NPD

Most innovation fails, but without it, most business go backwards. With Further’s support your innovation and NPD programs will embrace what customers truly need and value.


In an increasingly diverse and multi-cultural world, understanding the attitudes, behaviours, needs and motivations of the underserved and more diverse audiences, – including black, Asian and minority ethnic people – is business critical.

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The era of the
Mindful Consumer

A consumer revolution is quietly taking place and its creating new behaviours. Welcome to the era of The Mindful Consumer, where there is great concern for the planet and its citizens, a call for greater transparency and for more equality and inclusion.

Inclusion and equality65% of people would feel more favourable about a brand that promotes diversity

SustainabilityGlobally 70% of consumers say they are more worried about the environment than they were a year ago.

Trust and transparency74% of consumers say a brand’s impact on society is a reason why brand trust has become more important.

ConsistencyProviding a consistent experience and backing up your words with action gets results

Say-Do GapThree in four consumers say they consider sustainability as important, but only 4% reference it as a purchase driver

A screen displaying a fashion model, representing Further’s online qual research work with Conde Nast.

We were amazed at the level of insight we achieved in just a week. Further opened our eyes to new ways of understanding our staff

We helped Conde Nast International define a new global mission and vision statement

A man on a bike watching a TV in an orange room, representing Further’s online qual research work with Zwift.

Strategically, Further’s insights provided clear and directional answers that will guide us through our next phase of growth

We helped Zwift understand users and non-users needs and wants so they could prioritise their innovation pipeline

A woman with two children on her lap, all looking at tablet screen together, representing Further’s online qual research work with UNICEF.

Working with Further was a refreshing and eye-opening experience…...the quality of their output which was excellent.

We helped Unicef generate insights to support the development of a mass market, sustainable fundraising product.

A phone displaying the LinkedIn logo next to headphones, a mug of coffee and a laptop, representing Further’s online qual research work with LinkedIn.

With Further’s support, our developed understanding of employees’ needs has helped us to create more effective and compelling L&D solutions

We helped LinkedIn engage with their employees to discover, create, evolve and iterate new Learning and Development solutions.

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