Innovation and NPD

Proposition Development

Building brands and experiences with a strong emotional connection

Harness consumer insight to develop propositions that your audience want and that are uniquely placed in the market.

By understanding what motivates people, not just rationally but emotionally, you can create more meaningful connections, increase the value of transactions and reduce churn.

Using qualitative and quantitative research methods, we explore how your brands, products and services fit into people’s lives

This window into your customers’ experiences will help you understand first-hand the nuances of the problems you need to solve for them. Using this insight, we then work with you to create, develop and launch products and services that are meaningful to your target audience.

What we do

Identify unmet and latent needs
Identify your target audience’s most important and least satisfied needs and highlight those which present the biggest opportunity

Generate new ideas
Consumer ideation and co-creation methods enable you to quickly generate, iterate and evaluate new ideas and white spaces.

Test and refine concepts
Avoid going to market with the wrong solution by deploying research to evaluate ideas and concepts.

Evaluate post-launch
Explore the initial impact, assess how behaviour has changed and understand how to keep improving; our job isn’t done when your products and services are launched.

Innovation and NPD Research

Product testing

Qualitative and quantitative research to test and evaluate your ideas and concepts in the most agile way possible.

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Concept testing

Turn your early ideas into winning products that drive growth and increase loyalty.

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Usage and attitude research

Understand your target market and unearth what they think, feel and do, and how they experience your brand

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