Our Tech

Our Technology

We're the original disruptors in online qualitative research, launching our first research platform in 2007. We've been building and innovating ever since. Our online platforms deliver ever greater opportunities to study, interact, collaborate and develop human insight from target audiences all around the world. They're simple to use and highly effective.

Which platform?

Together* and Tandem are online research platforms. Both will deliver against the most challenging objectives but each has unique use cases and applications. The matrix below should help you select the right platform. *Together used to be called IdeaStream™
The Tandem platform
Tandem is a mobile ethnographic research platform that connects you with your target audiences via their phones. With powerful features and functionality, it's the qualitative research tool of choice for 24/7 in-the-moment insight.
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The Together platform
Together* is our community research platform with a range of tools that enable exploration, validation, collaboration and innovation with groups of people you want to know more about.
*Together used to be called IdeaStream
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I want to: Tandem platform Together platform
Combine qual and quant research methods.
Segment groups prior to the start, or during the study. Track segment data separately.
Review data 'in-platform' without exporting.
Tag or code important information and insights during the study for easy export.
Utilise either light touch or interventional moderation as necessary.
Explore ideas and concepts with participants on a one-to-one basis.
Host my data in the EU.
Map customer journeys or experiences using my products and services.
Run a quick-fire study in days, or a longitudinal study for years.
Use a platform dedicated to engaging participants via their mobile phones.
Use live chat to communicate with participants.
Encourage participants to react in-the-moment with spontaneity.
Send automated communications (emails) and updates.
Get participants using emojis for more visual emotional expression.
Explore ideas or test concepts openly or privately in a community setting. Perform one-to-many or many-to-many research.
White label the platform or brand the interface accordingly.
Engage with up to 500 participants at a time.
Host data in the EU or the US.
Run a study in a language other than English, with 35 languages available.
Have my participants mark-up visual stimuli as part of my feedback gathering.

Case studies

Our tried and tested processes produce consistently effective results

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Smiling Car Friends

VouchForMe’s blockchain product and novel social proof-based concepts are set to disrupt the consumer insurance market. When they started designing and creating their ‘go-to-market’ strategy, they realised a need to test their assumptions from the stand-point of UK consumers. Was their value proposition clear? Were they really aiming at the right audience? They reached out to Further, for help with the answers and insight.

Sales Teams 01

When it comes to enablement, sales teams have a vested interest in shaping and developing razor-sharp collateral. They know their customers, they understand their pain points and they want to make more commission! This study looks at how you can motivate and galvanise sales teams by focusing them on the sales collateral they need to do their job.

Activity monitor

Our technology will help you connect directly with target audiences you want to understand. It helps overcome most of the cost, reach, time and depth issues that more traditional research throws up. We build our platforms with love, care and microscopic attention to detail. When it comes to design, CX and UX only the best is good enough. We spend hours testing, developing and improving them with the needs of all users - young, old, native and resistant front of mind.

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