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Innovation that has a strong consumer focus enjoys more than double the success rate of innovation that doesn’t.

Whether you are refreshing a tired offer or developing a new product from scratch, we ask the questions that unleash your creativity and uncover untapped innovation opportunities.

Questioning why a category behaves as it does, where a brand can be stretched to and how product norms can be shifted, can pave the way to creating new and differentiated products that consumers love.

Our Innovation & NPD specialists use a range of research methods to keep you centered on consumers’ needs and to maximise commercial value. We unearth the deepest insights into users’ unmet and unarticulated needs via methods including: ethnography; innovation workshops; consumer co-creation, usage and attitude surveys and consumer immersions.

What we do

Proposition development

Great propositions tap into people’s appetite and motivation for a new solution – uncover how your proposition makes your audience think and feel, and unlock opportunities.

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Product testing

Qualitative and quantitative research to test and evaluate your ideas and concepts in the most agile way possible.

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Concept testing

Turn your early ideas into winning products that drive growth and increase loyalty.

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Usage and attitude surveys

Quickly understand how people are interacting with your products and services, and how they feel about them in the context of their place of use.

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The engagement with the community has been phenomenal. Our online activities and a product trial have been executed flawlessly.

We helped Colgate-Palmolive test and evaluate new products and concepts in Asia to understand what motivates their target audience to use and relate to products and brands in the way they do.

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