Consumer Understanding

Customer Journey Mapping

Understand your customers’ mindsets, emotions and motivations every time they interact with you

The best customer experiences have evolved through many iterative improvements, driven by a deep understanding of the customer journey.

Customer journeys can involve hundreds of interactions, but it’s the overall experience that people recall when they decide to buy.

Only by understanding your prospects and customers are you able to identify ‘moments of truth’ – the ‘make or break’ touchpoints on the journey that define perception and determine advocacy.

Using both quantitative and qualitative research, we can map your customer journey, capturing motivations and emotions, so you can make improvements, grow sales and increase satisfaction.

What we do

Qualitative research
Observe and talk with customers and prospects to understand their thoughts, feelings, and actions at each stage of their journey

Customer or User Interviews
Hear first-hand stories about customers’ experiences, mindsets, and actions

Observe the interactions and decisions as they happen, in-person or virtually.

Diary Studies
Capture your customers thoughts and feelings over time using the latest mobile research technology

Competitive Analysis
Capture people’s experiences of your competitor to benchmark your performance

Consumer Understanding Research

Segmentation research

Target products, services, experiences and campaigns at specific groups of consumers, knowing what motivates each group individually.

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Shopper insights

Uncover how and where consumers really shop in your product category, to inform your messaging, merchandising, product and pricing strategy.

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Customer experience

Capture your customers’ experience of your brand, product or service and know how to improve it and increase customer satisfaction.

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