Consumer Understanding

Customer Experience Research

Understand and improve every touchpoint

People experience your brand in many different ways: online and offline, in the moment and over time, as prospects and as loyal customers.

Customer experience is complex – hard to understand and even harder to get right. We make it easier by diving into what people are doing, how it makes them feel and how to make it better.

Through interviews, mystery shopping and ethnographic studies, you’re able to observe customer engagement directly to understand what you’re doing well (and not so well), and see what your customers actually experience, not what you hope to be true.

Customer experience research uses analytics to determine Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). We will help you divide your customer experience into manageable journeys, engage customers to uncover pain points, then create feedback loops to continually improve.

What we do

Explore needs, perceptions and expectations to reveal key satisfaction drivers

Bridge the gap between research and reality by revealing trends, insights, and patterns of behaviour

Bring the user experience to life through feedback gathered by interviews, ethnography and data analysis

Measure different satisfaction metrics to show what customers do and why to improve the customer experience

Consumer Understanding Research

Shopper insights

Uncover how and where consumers really shop in your product category, to inform your messaging, merchandising, product and pricing strategy.

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Customer journey mapping

Understand the journey from initial research to purchase and aftersales support so you can design the positive experiences that grow loyalty, market share and commercial value.

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Segmentation research

Target products, services, experiences and campaigns at specific groups of consumers, knowing what motivates each group individually.

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