Consumer Understanding

Take the guesswork out of your marketing
with deep human insight

To deliver success and growth, brands need to stay connected and feel relevant. This means gaining a deep understanding of people’s behaviours, routines, habits, decisions, concerns and priorities.

We help our clients build a deep, contextual understanding of their target consumers’ everyday lives, what drives their behaviour, and their needs, wants and expectations.

Brands with a rich, nuanced understanding of their target audience are able to iterate products and services quicker, develop new customer experiences, create marketing campaigns that strongly resonate emotionally, and grow.

We can help you to see your brand, product or service through the eyes of your target audience, supporting an outside-in approach. Using both qualitative and quantitative research, we enable you to see, listen and engage your target audience in the context of their everyday lives to uncover deep human insight that helps you make confident business decisions.

We’ll then help you activate the insight to create a real competitive advantage, motivate stakeholders and deliver growth.

Consumer Understanding

Segmentation research

Our research will enable you segment your audiences and target products, services, experiences and campaigns to specific consumer groups, knowing what motivates each group individually

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Shopper Insights

We uncover how consumers really shop in your product category, and help develop communication, product, pricing and channel strategies

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Customer Experience

Digital-first research that captures feedback and data on your consumers’ experience of your brand, products and services, so you can improve it and grow

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Customer journey mapping

Understand the journey people go on – from initial research to purchase and after-sales support – to design better experiences that grow loyalty, market share and commercial value

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Further helped us dig deeper into people’s everyday behaviours and really understand what support systems would connect with them

We helped Bupa understand what health and wellbeing really means to people in the UK

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