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Concept Testing

Take the guesswork out of your concept testing

On average, less than 5% of all products and services launched survive beyond two years. Consumer research gives you a better chance of being among those that thrive.

Understanding what your target audience values about your concept, whether it has potential and where it might need to be improved are critical stages in the development process. Use qualitative and quantitative research to quickly see where to focus your investment and energy.

Gather early-stage feedback from real people across the product development cycle – from early-stage ideas through prototype development and validation – to create products based on genuine needs and wants.

We have a range of concept testing research solutions to suit all budgets and timescales.

  • In-home product placement
  • Preference mapping and choice drivers
  • Online qualitative research and focus groups
  • Research communities
  • Brand language development
  • Simulated test markets
  • Multi-country testing

What we do

Concept Testing
Get feedback on ideas and concepts from your target audience before you start designing and every stage thereafter.

Prototype Testing
Evaluate prototypes with intended users to bring their feedback into your decision-making process

Comms Testing
Test and refine messaging with your target audience before you launch.

User Testing
Reach a wide pool of users quickly and frequently with remote, asynchronous testing to deepen your understanding of their needs

We help you:

Tap into the the rich experiences and unique perspectives of your target audience to identify core customer needs in order to create products customers love

Identify and understand habits and uses to better segment your audience and to narrow down early stage ideas to focus on those with the greatest potential for success

Take data driven decisions confidently about which ideas resonate best with your target audience and why

Discover where opportunity for innovation exists in your category from participants in their own words

More of our insights

Proposition development

Great propositions tap into people’s appetite and motivation for a new solution – uncover how your proposition makes your audience think and feel, and unlock opportunities.

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Product testing

Qualitative and quantitative research to test and evaluate your ideas and concepts in the most agile way possible.

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Usage and attitude research

Understand your target market and unearth what they think, feel and do, and how they experience your brand

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What next?

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