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Branding Positioning & Differentiation

Find your place in the market

Are you getting the right answers to the wrong questions?

Do you know exactly how your business is positioned in the eyes of consumers? And what they really think about your brand?

Often, the view from inside the organisation is not the same as what consumers really see from the outside. We can help you develop and test your brand identity so you can create compelling propositions that your target audience find truly meaningful.

Our approach to qualitative brand research is grounded in human reality. We’ll help you get from ‘we think’ to ‘we know’ so you can create more relevant and differentiated brand experiences.

What we do

Understand changing consumer attitudes and identify themes and trends motivating your customers so your brand remains relevant.

Identify brand perception drivers impacting satisfaction through harnessing valuable insights from the people that have the greatest impact on your success.

Conduct image and awareness studies to discover behavioural and emotional connections with your brand

Reduce business risk by testing questions, products, experiences, or features in order to truly understand the effect of change.

Brand and Communications Research

Ad and creative testing

Improve the quality and impact of ads by testing which ideas, concepts, and designs will perform best in-market.

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Identify links between consumers’ emotional needs and the signals used in branding, advertising and other media.

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