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Today’s Mindful Consumers want brands to stand for something. They seek out transparency, sustainable business practices and inclusion. Knowing how to create an emotional connection between your brand and the Mindful Consumer has never been more challenging.

Consumers are loyal to brands that share their values. They want to feel emotionally connected to a brand’s purpose. Brands and businesses that treat their employees fairly, protect the environment and nature’s resources and support their local communities, they build deeper and more empathetic consumer connections and grow.

At the heart of this exchange between your brand and consumers is a deep-seated understanding. To create a meaningful connection, you must understand be able to interpret people’s attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours.

We work with some of the best-known brands, big and small, helping them uncover social and cultural drivers of behaviour to inform their strategies, empower greater connection and growth.

We help our clients to understand brand and communication challenges such as:

  • What customers value in a brand and the brand attributes it enjoys
  • How favourable are consumers’ perceptions of the brand?
  • What sets the brand apart from its competitors, in the eyes of its customers?
  • How can the brand be developed or extended?
  • How does brand awareness and visibility differ by audience group?

Our capabilities include brand audits, ad and creative testing, customer segmentation, choice-driver analysis, ethnography, consumer co-creation and semiotics.

What we do

Brand positioning and differentiation

Understand the unmet needs and emotional connection needed to fuel great content and marketing strategies.

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Ad and creative testing

improve the quality and impact of ads by testing which ideas, concepts, and designs will perform best in-market.

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identify links between consumers’ emotional needs and the signals used in branding, advertising and other media.

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Further really helped us understand our millennial target audience

We helped disruptive pet insurance company Waggel develop customer personas and map out the current and intended customer journey.

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