Innovation and NPD

Usage & Attitude Research

Understand what your target consumers really do and think.

Spot opportunities to grow and expand your business with a deep understanding of your market and consumer attitudes to your brand

Usage and attitude studies seek to answer fundamental questions a brand or product manager has such as how, when and where consumers use your product and services, strengths and weaknesses of the proposition and even the features that are missing but needed.

By understanding your target consumers’ preferences and choices, you can shape your product and marketing strategy to suit their needs.

Whether you’re looking to inspire innovation or challenge long-held assumptions, our usage and attitudes research will give you the insight to make confident decisions.

What we do

Provide an understanding of the general usage habits and attitudes of the consumers towards your products and services

Place your brand, products and services in a competitive landscape and identify opportunities for brand extensions

Understand the impact of major changes you make

Gather consumer insight that identifies gaps and latent needs

Innovation and NPD Research

Proposition development

Great propositions tap into people’s appetite and motivation for a new solution – uncover how your proposition makes your audience think and feel, and unlock opportunities.

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Product testing

Qualitative and quantitative research to test and evaluate your ideas and concepts in the most agile way possible.

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Concept testing

Turn your early ideas into winning products that drive growth and increase loyalty.

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