Brand and Communications

Ad and
creative testing

Create campaigns that resonate and trigger emotional responses

Understand how your ads and campaigns are really performing.

If your ads and messaging don’t emotionally engage consumers, no amount of likeability will create the behaviour change you want. Only by testing ads in a natural environment can you gain the insights you need to execute high performing campaigns.

Using qualitative and quantitative research techniques, we evaluate campaigns across your chosen media channels to inspire new ideas and fresh thinking.

We conduct research that helps you understand what motivates your target audience and what prompts recall.

What we do

Online Surveys
Online surveys with highly targeted audiences delivering results in an instant.

Focus Groups
Focus groups to identify and explore behavior and attitudes, and provide context for why what, and how questions.

Online Qualitative research
Capture deep contextual insights from your target audience and enable them to experience your campaigns as intended

Social Media Monitoring
Actively listen to potential customers across a range of social media channels to understand whats resonating or how your competitors are doing

Brand and Communications Research


Identify links between consumers’ emotional needs and the signals used in branding, advertising and other media.

Brand positioning and differentiation

Understand the unmet needs and emotional connection needed to fuel great content and marketing strategies.

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