Unbiased human truths that make decisions obvious

We work with high-growth brands and agenciesproviding unparalleled online qual research and more to help them understand reality, develop new propositions, and grow.

Further combines a flexible online qualitative research platform rich with the insight tools you rely on with an experienced team of researchers and strategists to support and strengthen your team when necessary.

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License our powerful, easy-to-use online research platform to help you do better, quicker qualitative and quantitative research, communities, digital diaries, mobile ethnography and more.

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From recruitment to moderation and programming; access a range of expert research services that can be scaled to meet demand to help you deliver your projects at speed.

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An insight partner you can rely on to deliver in-depth, project implementation and transformational insights into complex behaviours, attitudes and emotions.

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customers consumers users audiences

Consumer understanding

Customer-led businesses and organisations understand what customers value, the problems they are solving and create value in new and better ways by innovating on what matters the most to their customers. We take an agile approach to immerse our clients in the lives of the people that make your brand what it is through online qual research.

Brand and communication

People rarely relate to brands the way you think you do, which is why it's so important to understand them within the context of their everyday lives, whether in virtual focus groups or qualitative online communities. We reveal the unbiased human truths behind what people think to create customer-led, #FutureReadyBrands and emotionally intelligent communications that resonate.

Innovation / NPD

What people value in the context of their everyday lives can be very different to what they say in a focus group, and when it comes to finding white spaces and new opportunities, contextual insight is critical to success and a human-centred approach.


Creating culturally nuanced brands, communications, products and services for more diverse audiences. Our inclusion and equality experts harness a deep understanding the political, social and economic landscape and the inequalities they create, to help you be less afraid and do better.

We were amazed at the level of insight we achieved in just a week. Further opened our eyes to new ways of understanding our staff

We helped Conde Nast International define a new global mission and vision statement

Strategically, Further’s insights provided clear and directional answers that will guide us through our next phase of growth

We helped Zwift understand users and non-users needs and wants so they could prioritise their innovation pipeline

Working with Further was a refreshing and eye-opening experience…...the quality of their output which was excellent.

We helped Unicef generate insights to support the development of a mass market, sustainable fundraising product.

With Further’s support, our developed understanding of employees’ needs has helped us to create more effective and compelling L&D solutions

We helped LinkedIn engage with their employees to discover, create, evolve and iterate new Learning and Development solutions.

Our Thinking

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PUBLISHED : 31 March 2022


PUBLISHED : 24 March 2022


PUBLISHED : 28 May 2019

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