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We'll help you stay relevant with a people-first approach. Go Further!

Further will show you how to journey into consumer lives and understand what you see there.

Our research platforms are simple to use and can be customised to your needs. They're the start point to discovering what really makes people tick, in their world, as it happens.

Our team is a rich mix of research, UX, design, and tech brains. Smart, creative folk with a talent for understanding the significance of people's behaviour.


How we can help

Further are online qualitative research experts. Want to discover what people feel or think, the way that they behave, the choices they make and what motivates them? Perhaps you need to understand how people experience your products and services, or what they think about your brand? Whatever questions you have, we can help you find the answers...

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Our Technology

Our qualitative research platforms get you into people's lives as never before. Created with bags of research expertise, they're simple to use and have all the creative features and functionality you'll need to engage with your target audiences.

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About us

We are a diverse team of researchers, psychologists, strategists, designers and software engineers with one thing in common - the desire to uncover human truths and behaviours. We'll help get you answers to the 'why' questions, so you can make the right decisions regarding your company, product or client.

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